Secret of Football Betting Exposed!

Secret of Football Betting Exposed!

This is what bet9ja, Nairabet, Merrybet & others does not want tou to know!

Football is the number one (1) sport watch in the world today and it has a lot of competition both locally and internationally ranging from England premier league, Spanish la liga, Italian Seria A, France League 1, German Bundelisa and so on. Many people watch football for fun and they don’t make money from watching the games, but the good news is that football is more than just watching it and having fun. Football is a business; I mean real business.
Football betting is all about placing money against bookmakers (betting companies that provides the platform for betting activities)

This is where you can become STINKINGLY RICH, if you know what you are doing and play smart.
Placing bets is usually very easy, once you log into your account

NOTE: Always check the date and time the matches are going to be played, so you would know when to place your bets, you don’t even have to predict the score line, it’s just win, lose or draw. Below is a screen shot of how the matches are being displayed,

The first team is usually the HOME TEAM while the second team is the AWAY TEAM.
You would have noticed that by the side of the teams playing there are 3 columns, the first column is 1, the second column is X, third column is 2.

Now,   1 represents, the first team WINS
2 represents, the second team WINS
X represents both teams DRAW

The numbers listed under the first three columns are called odds, the amount you are expected to win depends on the odds offered for every match. For example if MAN UNITED are playing ARSENAL at home, and 3.50 is displayed as home win, that means your expected winnings if you bet on MAN UTD will be the amount you bet times 3.50. In cash if you put #500 on MAN UTD and eventually they win, your money becomes #500 X 3.50 = #1750, your profit on just one match is #1250, not bad for a start.

For instance, you predict that four teams would all win their matches:

You predict that Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Man. Utd would win their various opponents, after checking the box for each outcome, check the box ACCUMULATE for each of them. Now the total odds would be,
2.0 X 1.2 X 1.5 X 1.7 = 6.12,
let’s say you put #500, your potential winnings would be 6.12 X #500 = #3,060 , JUST LIKE THAT!

The only disadvantage of accumulating matches is if one of your predictions fails, you would lose the money you placed for the bet. TAKE NOTE!

Let’s do another calculation
Let's say your betting account is N10,000 & your staking power is N2,000 on a bet, using one of the smallest odd which is common with the market : 1.45.

A double is 1.45 x 1.45 equals 2.1025
2.1025 x N2,000 equals N4,205
Lets say you bet 5 betting slip same day;
N4,205 X 5 equals N21,025 (N11,025 profit).
Lets say you won 7days in a week, that is N11025 x 7 which amounts to N77,175 in a week as part-time income -  IS THAT NOT BUSINESS?

And if you bet and won for 24days in a month,
N11,025(profit) x 24days equals N264,600.

From the above simple calculation, you can see that there is lot of winning and profit from football betting.

These are the various benefits:

It does not require huge amount of cash to start betting.
     You can bet on any league of tournament worldwide.
   It can be done any day, at any time of your choice.
It produces much profit, year-in, year-out.
It does not require special knowledge of football betting to start making huge profit.
The websites are user friendly that is; it is very simple to use both in mobile phone or a computer.


Your computer or mobile phone is the device which you will be using to bet your match any time, any day and everywhere.

This is very important, in order for you to connect and place bets with your mobile phone or computer you need to configure it, subscribe and connect it to internet. You can as well download any files online.

Betting sites are online betting website/platforms that determine the prices per match. They are the ones that will pay you when you win and they will keep your money when you lose!
You need to open an account with any of them and is free to open. NAIRABET.COM AND MERRYBET.COM are the best bookmakers for you in Nigeria today.

You need your own personal bank account in order for you to withdraw your winnings. And this is very important because when you want to withdraw your money from the betting sites you will be requested to provide your bank account number and bank account name. Note: your bank account name should correspond with the name you used in open your betting site account.

This Provide soccer result, predictions, picks, league table and information on any league you need for all your betting.

These sites provide good livescore coverage and results, below are livescore sites;

Betting Strategy that will grow your BANK Account. It contains How to start football betting tips, the various football betting strategy to adopt and start making over N250,000 every week.

Nairabet is a betting website (BOOKMAKER) owned by one of Dr.Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase’s (Owner of Complete Sports and Success Digest Extra) rich kids Mr. Akin Alabi. NAIRABET is one of the surest betting sites owned by a Nigerian

Merrybet for me is another online betting service in Nigeria.
Merrybet also provides the most efficient pay-in systems using a wide variety of payments platforms and we accept bets in Naira and the US dollars.

There are many types of football bets. It is important to understand clearly how each type of betting works.

A straight bet is the most common type of bet. Here you pick a single team to win based on a particular odds placed on each team by the betting site you are using.
There will be three choices – Home Win, Draw and Away Win. This is called 3way betting. You have to predict the result of one event correctly to win your bet.
This type of betting is also known as 1x2 betting where
1 denotes Home team
x denotes Draw
2 denotes Away team
For example Arsenal v Wigan: Wigan to win (2)
You win if Wigan won at regulation time but lose if it’s a draw or Arsenal win.

Sometimes the bookmakers may reduce the three outcomes to two. This is called 'Double Chance' betting where a single price is offered on a win or draw. If your team wins or draws as you have correctly predicted, you win. If your team loses, so does your bet.

A multiple betting involves combining matches for maximum profits. This bet requires the betters to choose several different selections of teams and expect them all to win their various matches. Payout odds in this type of bet increases as the number of included proportions increases.

A multiple bet is also known as accumulator or combo bet.
Such a bet allows the better to combine the outcome of several events. One attraction of such a bet is that the payout is based on the multiplication of all individual odds. For example, you place N2,000 on the following combo of five matches:

Barcelona/Valencia over 2.5                                    (odds 2.10)
Real Madrid to win                                                    (odds 1.25)
Chelsea to win                                                           (odds 1.50)
Manchester United to win                                         (odds 1.30)
Liverpool to draw                                                       (odds 3.10)

If ALL the outcomes are as per your prediction, your payout is a handsome:

N2,000 x 2.10 x 1.25 x 1.50 x 1.30 x 3.10 = N31,736.25 (profit)
Net profit = N29,736.25 (N31,736.25 N2,000)
However, ALL outcomes of the games must be as per betted. In the above example, if Liverpool wins instead of draw, your combo bet is lost even though the other four teams won their games.
Generally, multiple bets comprising more than three outcomes are not encouraged.
The potential profits for large accumulators are substantially greater than for single bets, but the chances of winning are also correspondingly smaller.

This is where you bet whether the total goals scored by the two teams in a match are over or under the specified number for example OVER/ UNDER 0.5, OVER/ UNDER 1.5, OVER/ UNDER 2.5, OVER/ UNDER 3.5, OVER/ UNDER 4.5 and so on…

How to interpret when the specified goals is 2.5? Surely, a team can't score or lose 2.5 goals?
Well, by introducing the decimal, the bookmakers remove the possibility of a draw, leaving only two possible outcomes.

For example,
Chelsea v Bolton: you bet Over 2.5 Goals
you will win if the match produces at least a total of three goals.
your bet is lost when there is less than three goals.

But if you bet UNDER 2.5 goals:
you will win if the match produces a total of two goals.
your bet is lost when there is more than two goals.

This bet involves you placing bet on either team to win if virtually at the end of the game there is a draw you get your state back. The bad side of this type of bet is that the odds on each team winning are reduced

This is also known as Betting In Running.
The Internet has enabled the punters to bet on a match at the same time it is being played in the respective country.
Many matches are now telecast live on TV. Such live coverage allows the betters to bet on their reading of the game as it progresses.

This involves betting on:
      i.         Half Time betting: a bet on who will lead at half time.
    ii.         Full Time betting: a bet on who will win in the end.

This involves predicting the exact goal result of the game, for example Arsenal to win 2-1 against Bolton.

Some betters who are well versed in the style of play of certain teams enjoy this type of betting.
Generally, the more shots directed at a goal mouth, the more chances for a corner to occur.

This is betting on a player, for example Mr X, to score in the particular match.
If team news confirmed Mr X is playing and the punter is very confident of the player's scoring prowess, this type of betting will attract him. Some players do seem to go on runs where they score for fun.

This is a bet placed on a player to score the first goal.

It is very is easy to start football betting with football betting site and it does not require any special knowledge to get started.

STEP 1. Register a free account with Nairabet Account. First and foremost you need to Open a FREE and WINNING account with nairabet by clicking on this link >>><<< HERE.
STEP 2. Fund your Account.

STEP 3. Learn the betting system

STEP 4. Start betting with your account and Withdraw your winnings

I am going to teach you the step-by-step ultimate guide to get started and I am going to use as case study.
First and foremost you need to Open a winning account with nairabet by following this link >>><<< HERE. Even if you already have a nairabet account, I still recommend you open a new nairabet winning account with this link >>><<< HERE because the old nairabet account might not work!
The reason I why you need to open a new account is that this prepares your mind for a new start up for a new system and it reminds and allows you to “play by the rules” (take it as a business & not for fun) instead of gambling.

How To Register A Nairabet Account:

1. The first thing you need to do is to click on the link >>> <<< to register.
2. When you click on the link, it takes you to a New Nairabet Account creation Page where you will fill in your details.

3. Please fill in the correct details. NOTE: you need to fill your real names because you will not be paid if you give fake names during registration.

4. Click on Agree to the rules and submit. A confirmation email will be sent to the email you registered with.

5. To confirm your email address Go to your email inbox, and see a message look for a message from Nairabet Open it and click the link in it.
Once you do that, you have become a full registered member.

6. After signing up, you need to fund nairabet account before betting.

Now that you Have your Nairabet account Created , the Next step is Funding your Account using your ATM card or online bank transfer or mobile banking.

Before you can start placing bets, you need to put some money into your account. When you open a new account, your balance is ZERO so you need to fund it. Funding your account is easy. All you need to do is to fund your nairabet account with your ATM card. You can see it by clicking on Deposit at the top of the page. Below is the procedure to fund your account.

1.    Go back to the site and Login with your username and password.

2.    Click on deposit at the top right hand side of the website;

3.    Now you have to enter the amount you desire to fund your account with. After that you click on the Next Button. Below is how it will look like.

4.     Click on accept in order to continue your deposit process.

5.    Now, it will redirect you to another page where you will enter you email address, password and select the type of card you want to fund your account with whether it is a master card or a visa card or a verve card it will all work with the system.

6.    On the next page, you have to enter card details; your card number, the expiry date, the CVV2 number is the 3 numbers which is at the back of your Atm card, enter your card pin and click on pay.

Congratulation! You have funded your account now you can start betting and start making money online from football betting.


Once your account has been funded, you can begin to place bets. Here is how you will go about it.

1.    Go back to the site and Login with your username and password.

As I mentioned earlier, on the landing page, you will see 20 matches listed.
You can also click on the left hand side to choose the countries you want. As shown below;

For club competitions like the English Premier League, you need to click on England, click on Premier League. If you want other sports, you can click on the particular sport you want.
Everything is well arranged for easy navigation.
Now, Lets click on England and Premier League respectively to see what comes up.
See the image below.

Using the image above as example, let us assume you want to choose Chelsea to win. All you have to do is click on Chelsea.

In a nutshell, whichever team you want to back to win, just click on the team. If you think the match will end in a draw, just click on Draw. It is very easy to do. As you click on your choice, the team selected will be added to your bet slip on the right hand side. See where the arrow the image below is pointing to.

If you want to stake on just a single match, select the match, enter the amount you want to stake then click on next and finally click on bet.

If you want to select another one if you want to continue. That is when you want to accumulate that you should select more than one match like the image shown below;

Anyway, after selecting the matches you want, you can then proceed to bet.
Enter the amount you want to bet within the space provided beside “stake”.
Click on Next under your bet slip.
Click again on “Next” to complete your bet.
Note: you can accumulate matches from different countries.
In the example above, if you want to add another bet from another country into your accumulator, simply click on the country on the left hand side. Your bet slip will remain intact.
After adding it, you can place your bet. If you win, your account will be credited within 10 minutes after the matches are played. It's that simple.

We have explained how you can place bets on Now, that is just a tip of the iceberg because there are other kinds of bets that are on offer. We have:
back & lay betting, multiple bet, double chance, handicap bets, over/under betting, draw no bet, surebets, both teams to score, system bets or yankee bets, most scoring half, 1x2(straight wins or draws) etc
For example, you can bet on which team will score the first goal or you can bet on what will be the exact score line. You can predict who will win the first half.
There are so many options you can bet on. Let me show you how.
If you look at the matches on display, you will see some figures on the right hand side. Some will say +40while some will say +32. Some can say +50.
What this means is that for example in the case of +40, there are 40 other kinds of markets you can bet on.
See the picture.

Using the Arsenal match as example, if we click on the +94, it will bring up different kinds of bets. See the image below.

If you desire to choose any of the bets, just click on it and it will be added to your bet slip.

After selecting the kind of match bet you want, you can then proceed to bet.
Enter the amount you want to bet within the space provided beside “stake”.
Click on Next under your bet slip.
Click again on “Next” to complete your bet.

One of the joys of betting on football is winning money and getting paid. is the best when it comes to paying winnings. The first thing you need to do is click on Payout listed at the top your account.

On the next page, you have to select your bank, enter the account number of the bank, and select the account type which is either savings account or current account. Re-enter the amount you want to deposit and click next.

It will automatically deduct the amount from your account. Your bank account will be credited within 2 working days. It could be before but it won’t be after.

In this section “betting strategies” we present to you the various possibilities of betting and how to place good bets to multiply your stakes. Therefore we got our teeth into the most common and most popular online betting strategies and gathered important information about them to provide it to you.
Further, by the example of some well-established strategies we want to show you how much money you can make, if betting only small amounts already makes sense or if you have to play high to win high. Moreover, we show you which sports fit which strategy the best. Enjoy reading our articles!
You have to choose your own style of betting strategy by choosing which type of betting to adopt. There is a lot of option to take from; here is an overview of the most popular betting strategies.

The goal of the betting strategy of Multiple-bets is to gain a high overall odd by adding different games to one bet. You should keep in mind that with this betting strategy your risk of losing the bet increases with each added game as the odds get higher and higher. Multiple-bets or Multiples are most interesting with football bets but you can also make a good profit out of other sports as well.


In a Multiple-bet you combine a number of different bets of different events and combine them into one bet. The biggest advantage of multiple bets is that the different odds are multiplied and thus the combined odd is drastically high and you can yield a good profit. That is why this betting form is so popular with beginners.
But on the other hand, the risk is also very high. Since you have to guess every single event correctly the chances that you miss one gets higher with the more events you accumulate. If you miss one your whole stake is lost.


Below is an example of multiple bet slip.

The good thing with multiple betting is that you can combine games from many different leagues (or even sports). We advise you to do so as much as you can and adopt some different leagues as long as you have good knowledge about the league. So as an example try to combine bets from the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League.
If you want to further enhance your overall odd you can add another game to your Multi-bet


This kind of betting system is not so popular with professional betters. This is because it is really hard to estimate the risk of two, three or more games. Also, to experts’ believes, luck plays a major role in these bets. Further, when you place a Multi bet you are restricted to one book-maker and maybe get not the best odd for one specific leg.

Want more betting Strategies?
I have only just shared one (1) betting strategy. There are more secret betting strategies to come! IF YOU are looking for proven betting strategies you can exploit this year, then you should Read more

Want to know more About the Secret of Football Betting Strategies?

Then Click on the image below to Read more!
This is A MEGA Betting Article You Cannot MISS Read!

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